Welcome to our forest and wetland rehabilitation project on Chinook land

We Love Beavers!

Beavers create ponds that are critical to wetland health and habitat. This eclectic collective has been working to restore this forest with 4/5th of an acre of wetland, which has not been managed since it was logged in the 1990s. Invasive species of plants have invaded the forest since it was logged, and several areas of the wetland where the beavers reside have also been damaged by upstream artificial redirection and heavy channelization of natural waters running through the area. This combination of issues has created a challenging environment for the local beavers as well as making it very difficult to access the forest itself.

Map of wetland conditions.
Our wetland rests between the two white lines. Over 1,000 acres of coastal rainforest drains into this tiny spot. From the lower right, the channelized creek has been reduced to a narrow jet that has filled the downstream channels with sediment and caused floodwaters to take a sharp turn to the left along the property line.

We’re rehabilitating 15 acres of overlogged rainforest in Oregon’s coast range including 4/5 of an acre of wetland beaver habitat. Our forest access is through a wetland that’s in a very sad state. Visit Lore’s gofundme page for an overview of our current work. Your support means everything to us!