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It Turned Inside Out... And Then It Exploded

Yes, it's a quote from Galaxy Quest (I love that movie!) and I'm using it to describe what's been happening with things in general and my website in particular.

I was having a problem with my sales email notifications, and then my Wordpress blog started saving multiple instances of drafts which was annoying as heck, and then I started having a database problem with my orders.

Featured Artist: Art BuMPs

Recently I received a little box of treasures from Bonnie Polinski of Art BuMPs, who makes lovely ceramic beads. I tell you, it felt like Christmas morning and Santa gave me the BEST presents ever! I can’t believe how richly the celadon color glows from these beads. The saucy sea nymph is 63mm tall, and yes, she is a bead! The round focal is 28mm across. Bonnie currently sells her work on Etsy, and I hope to see more of her lovely treasures listed there in the future.

Bonnie's Etsy site: http://artbumps.etsy.com/
Art BuMPs FocalArt BuMPs FocalArt BuMPs MermaidArt BuMPs MermaidArt BuMPs ShellsArt BuMPs Shells

Featured Artist: Miracoli Beads

Maricoli Beads Rosary: This beautiful rosary was made by Jennifer Sinclair of Miracoli Beads using a set of my Ruby Dapples.Maricoli Beads Rosary: This beautiful rosary was made by Jennifer Sinclair of Miracoli Beads using a set of my Ruby Dapples.As January winds to a close, I look back on the past three months and am amazed at everything I’ve crammed into such a short span of time: a new home purchased and moved into, an old outbuilding converted to an office and studio (still in progress but I’m back to the torch!), three holiday observances (one with events spanning days)

Journey Beads

My dad is very near the end of his life’s journey, after battling cancer for the past several years. He struggles for breath, and to raise his hands to gesture. He’s only 64 years old.

Journey to Cerro AzulJourney to Cerro AzulHe’s had this thing about using recycled bottle glass in art ever since I told him I was learning lampworking early last year, so a couple of weeks ago I made him some beer bottle beads and strung them on a hemp cord. He was too weak to describe his next project for me, so he used hand gestures to show me he wanted a lollipop twisted from two colors. I was skeptical because of the COE differences I might encounter, but I mashed up a green wine bottle to go with my microbrew brown and made a twisty out of it, then made a lollipop, which came out of the kiln perfectly and thrilled my dad to pieces. He hasn’t taken the necklace off since I gave it to him, and he keeps the lollipop on his bedside table.

Journey to the Surface of a StarJourney to the Surface of a StarMy relationship with my dad has always pushed my skills to new levels. Every art form I wanted to try, he’s been there to help set up the kiln, to salvage a sandblaster, to tinker and try things out with me. He’s always had such faith in my abilities. It makes me sad to realize it as he’s getting ready to depart this life, but I feel really lucky to share this with him.

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