Yes Virginia, there still is a lawsuit

First and foremost, the board members of, and defendants being aided by, the Artisans and Glassworkers Legal Fund (AGLF) would like to say thank you to all that have supported us with donations, purchases from our store, and moral support.

As we’re so often visibly appearing hat in hand, we wanted to give everyone an update on how the current legal battle is progressing.

We start with some good news, of the original 30 people named as defendants in the lawsuit, 3 have been released from the suit on jurisdictional grounds. One other person has elected to separate from the group and go it on her own.

This leaves 26 people still locked in a legal battle this holiday season. Rather than concentrating on family and craft, they instead are spending time in the defense of their names and reputations.

For the remainder, there are still jurisdictional challenges pending for several other members of the group, and once we clear that, those who are left in the suit will face whatever charges the plaintiff is bringing to light. As of this writing, we’re still waiting for clarification from the plaintiff as to what she’s actually accusing the individual group members of.

To date, the legal defense has cost the group over $30,000 and we still face legal bills in the thousands each month this case continues. This co-op of AGLF, using membership fees helps to fund this fight, but as you can imagine, this is impossible to continue without the community support.

So, this holiday season we wish you and yours happiness and health. We’d also like to ask for your continued support in this case.

We are sensitive to the fact that we’re continuing to ask for monetary donations, donations of products to the AGLF Etsy store, and we thank you for your patience and continued support. We’d like to remind you that the plaintiff in this case has stated publicly that she was using this initial group as a first round, so truly no one is safe from persecution, warranted or otherwise.

As you reflect on friends and family this season, please consider helping your fellow artisans in their fight. Will a little luck, old fashioned perseverance, and unfortunately large legal bills, we hope that we can win in this fight, and set a precedent that can help other artisans should they need it.

Finally, as always, thank you for your past and continued support for our group. None of the members of the AGLF co-op receive any compensation from the group, so money from donations and purchases goes straight into the defense fund.

For information on the group or to make a donation, please visit us at our official web site.

To purchase a piece of one of a kind, artisan made goodness, have a look at our Etsy site.

From myself and EVERYONE in this fight, Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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