It's Summer Already!!!??

Yes, I guess it is summer! Today is the last day of school for my little one, and I'm really looking forward to taking a break from the frenetic pace of the past few months and doing some gardening and goofing off with her. I think I'll still get time at the torch, but I think this year I'm not going to worry about whether I'm spending enough time at the torch, and just enjoy the time I do get and try to spend it pushing my limits and improving my skills.

I finally managed to sort my beads after the trunk show at Hotel deLuxe (that was a fun time, by the way, and we're doing it again next year) and got new beads photographed and listed. Mostly simple sets, contrasting pairs, and some sea glass and beach pebbles.

De Luxe Show

Had so much at De Luxe Show with you. JoanT and Lana