Project Wonderful

On the heels of my rant about self-promotion, I realized I've been thinking of advertising for the last year and for one reason or another, it hasn't happened. My son's troubles at school, the damages to my home by a bad contractor and subsequent loss of my home, moving and setting up a new studio, more assessments for my son and finally some good solutions for him, then the implosion of my web site and having to rebuild it... so many things going on, I was torching part-time at best.

Things have settled down to a nice routine now and I'm getting time at the torch most days, so I decided to try a little advertising. Project Wonderful seems to have hit the scene at the right time. Its structure is perfect for my type of business and I can set limits on expenses, so I can dip my toe in the water and see how hot it is.

So, for May and June, if you got here from my ad, I'll throw in a bonus bead when you order. Just add a comment here letting me know your order number, which web site you came from and how you ended up visiting it.