Heat Wave

It's not officially summer, but it sure feels like it. The shockingly high temperatures have left me feeling like a slug, although I did get some yardwork done yesterday with the kids, and this morning had the old shed doors taken away so I can have my backyard deck back for summer lounging. After we replaced the doors with a real operational door for easy access to my studio, I'm afraid the old doors just sort of laid there.... for a long time... just taking up space. But now they're gone, woohoo!

The lavender trees are in full bloom, as are the azaleas, which got me in the mood to mix some frit and try to get a summery feeling in my beads. My current spacer sets are more colorful than usual, and I'm feeling like I'm finally breaking out of the funk I've been in. I tried my hand at murrini this week but the results were horrifying so I'm not showing anything until I've worked with it a lot more!