Featured Artist: Art BuMPs

Recently I received a little box of treasures from Bonnie Polinski of Art BuMPs, who makes lovely ceramic beads. I tell you, it felt like Christmas morning and Santa gave me the BEST presents ever! I can’t believe how richly the celadon color glows from these beads. The saucy sea nymph is 63mm tall, and yes, she is a bead! The round focal is 28mm across. Bonnie currently sells her work on Etsy, and I hope to see more of her lovely treasures listed there in the future.

Bonnie's Etsy site: http://artbumps.etsy.com/
Art BuMPs FocalArt BuMPs FocalArt BuMPs MermaidArt BuMPs MermaidArt BuMPs ShellsArt BuMPs Shells