Tatting Challenge Results

The results came back this morning and I was surprised to find my piece was picked by all three judges for first place!

One of the judges said she picked my piece because "not only is it a stunning piece of work she's put a lot of time and care into it (mind, they all have!)".

Her last comment was hardly an overstatement. There were some very inventive and beautifully crafted pieces in the challenge and I've obtained permission from their creators to post their photos here.

Lamplighter's light shadeLamplighter's light shadeSecond place went to Lamplighter for a beautiful lampshade incorporating TotusMel's medallion as a strong focal point.

Each judge chose one of the submitted pieces for third place. Those winners were Wenchie for her SteamPunk Hair Stick, MadArtJewelry for her Flies' Time Necklace and IndustrialFairyTale for her faux Ivory and Medallion Choker.

IndustrialFairy's chokerIndustrialFairy's choker MadArtJewelry's necklaceMadArtJewelry's necklace Wenchie's hair stickWenchie's hair stick

I was so excited I've already spent my winnings in TotusMel's shop on a lovely choker and pendant for me and a bracelet for my daughter.

TotusMel is planning another challenge, so keep an eye on her blog if you'd like to participate.