It Turned Inside Out... And Then It Exploded

Yes, it's a quote from Galaxy Quest (I love that movie!) and I'm using it to describe what's been happening with things in general and my website in particular.

I was having a problem with my sales email notifications, and then my Wordpress blog started saving multiple instances of drafts which was annoying as heck, and then I started having a database problem with my orders.

So, being one of those crazy people who rebuilds web sites for fun, I decided now is a good time to do it. I hadn't been posting new beads on the site because I was in the middle of my Etsy Spring Fling, and my son also had further assessment which turned up a significant learning disability, and I also shuffled my office out of my studio space and into the house (it's about halfway there, and my photo table isn't set up yet) so here I am starting with basically a blank slate with no beads in inventory.

I do have a pile waiting to be photographed, though, so during the next week new beads will start to appear.

Galaxy Quest rules!

LOL, I saw the title of your post and instantly knew - Galaxy Quest! Yeah, one of my favorite movies of all time!


Hi Christine! I swear I've watched Galaxy Quest at least a dozen times and it's still a scream.

I love the photos on your blog about Buckman Art Camp. Art Camp is the best! I just finished up volunteering at the SUN summer camp and got a lot of inspiration from working with the kids.